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Epigenetics and Your Family History

08/   May, 2018

I am 53 years young. My mom and dad are both alive and well. That makes me lucky.


As Mother’s Day and Father’s Day season approaches, I wanted to share with you some latest thinking about a topic most of us take for granted: the concept in medicine of “family history”.

If you have “good genes”, then that means you have longevity and low rates of illness among your family members. If you have “bad genes” you might not be so lucky with your own health.

Well, I have good news: epigenetics has arrived on the medical scene.

Vitamin D – the Sunshine Hormone

03/   April, 2018

Vitamin D is misnamed. It’s not a vitamin – it’s actually a hormone. It is literally shaped with the same basic steroid hormone frame that comes from cholesterol.

And unless you are a 20-year-old beach volleyball player, you’re probably not getting enough.

You’ve probably heard you get vitamin D from sunlight. What actually happens is that sunlight causes the skin to make the active form of this vitamin D.

However, this does not happen if your skin

  • Has sunscreen on it,
  • Is washed with soap,
  • Is “older”.

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