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“Just OK”? or “Great!”

10/   July, 2017

I hope your summer is going not just “OK”, but great! I cringe when a patient tells me their doctor said their lab results were “OK”, or that they are in “the normal range”. Has this happened to you?

This is super common when it comes to testosterone levels, both for men and women.

When men do not have a good testosterone level, they can feel tired, unmotivated (including lack of libido), grumpy, and have muscle weakness or weight gain. There isn’t much agreement about what is a “good” testosterone level for a man. Most of us in the functional or regenerative areas of medicine think a level of at least 600 is good. Often, higher is even better.

Does Testosterone Help Women’s Sexual Function?

16/   January, 2015

I call testosterone the “confidence hormone”. With men, it’s usually pretty clear the nice level of confidence that testosterone gives them. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the right level of testosterone also can give women a feeling of self-confidence. In the right amount, meaning not too much or too little, testosterone can enhance your libido, ability to reach orgasm, energy level, muscle tone, mental clarity, and overall sense of well-being. Too much can cause crankiness (“short fuse”), acne or facial hair growth. Too little can also cause crankiness, as well as not having the good things listed above.

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