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Sleep helps you lose weight

28/   June, 2018

Why didn’t I become a school teacher?

My friend Sue is making wonderful plans for her summer break from her job as a special needs teacher for our public school district. I’m jealous.

OK, even though I don’t get several weeks off every summer, it does take pressure off my schedule that my son is out of school (it helps even more that he is away at camp for 6 weeks in Pennsylvania). Just that extra half hour of sleep in the morning makes such a difference.

In my patients working on weight loss, I see the difference enough sleep makes.

Do You Sleep Like a Teenager?

20/   November, 2015

My teenage boys can sleep and sleep. And sleep. I’m envious.

My friend’s teenage daughter was recently feeling sick, and literally slept it off. She slept all day, woke up to eat, then was able to continue sleeping! Bless her.

Or curse her. Depends on whether at this point you sleep well at night or not.

I’ve written about the importance of good sleep before (for weight loss, mental clarity, hormone balance) but today I want to expand on one point:

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