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How Our Bodies Detoxify

21/   June, 2017

Last week we started answering the question, “Why Organic?”

While I am not hard-core about eating organic (at least not yet), I am aware every day in my work the large list of endocrine disruptors in our world nowadays. Eating organically grown and farmed food is one way to decrease the toxic load on our bodies.

This week I want to give you a very short summary of the areas of your body involved in the detox process.

Sleep Less, Gain Weight

02/   December, 2016

“’Tis the season” – of junk food and running around – and it’s in full swing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already challenged in keeping my usual schedule of activities – work, exercise, family – from bursting at the seams with additional holiday activities, trips, and other random schedule changes.

Dr. Liz on the Fast Metabolism Diet

18/   November, 2013

My interest in trying the Fast Metabolism Diet came from 2 things: first, several patients bringing it up to me, and second, many of my patients telling me they want to lose weight only using food. Up to now my biases have been these: due to my personality and my super busy life, I DO like meal replacements – shakes, bars, etc, and I DON’T like counting anything – calories, points, etc. Let me clarify that Haylie Pomroy does sell her own shakes and bars, and I will most likely try these at some point, but I was determined to not use them in order to really try to use only food and see how I felt.

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