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Our office is OPEN, with modifications (updated 3-29-20)

18/   March, 2020

During this “temporary normal” (it is NOT the “new normal), our office is open.

I opened this practice about five years ago now and we continue to be fully operational for virtual appointments.

Right now in California, we are under “Shelter in Place” aka “Stay at Home” status.

At this time, my staff and I are continuing to work, with modifications. I am committed to keeping all of us as safe as possible, my patients (obviously since that’s my whole reason for being), as well as well as my staff, myself and our families.

The nature of our medical practice

Unfortunately, most health care in the United States is designed to be the ambulance at the bottom of the mountain.

Our medical practice is the guard rail up higher, keeping the road safe up high to prevent accidents (health problems) in the first place, rather than arriving at the crash site at the bottom.

(Obviously our first responders are incredibly valuable and important. My son is an EMT driving an ambulance during all of this, so this is all very close to home as well as professionally for me and my family.)

Excellent hormonal balance not helps you feel well, it helps your immune system function optimally. Currently we are seeing younger people weathering this pandemic with less severe consequences than older people. Why? One reason is that with higher levels of hormones across the board, younger people resist and recover from illness better than older people. I have been saying this for a long time.

Here are the steps that we are taking while we keep our practice open.


For several years already, many of my appointments (especially follow up consultations) have been by phone or Zoom. For now, we will be doing ALL consultations via phone or Zoom, whichever you prefer.

Everything for a virtual consultation is the same on our end as when you come in person to the office. The only difference is that we do not have vital signs on you. Any paperwork we would normally hand to you will be sent to you after our consultation via email.

Up to now, I’ve been seeing new patients here in the office, which I still can do. However, we will be temporarily seeing new patients via Zoom. We will be in touch with you if this applies to you.

We are taking precautionary measures here in the office, to protect anyone that comes in as well as ourselves.

Waiting room

This office, even on a usual basis, never has a crowded waiting room. Usually, there might be one person, or two at the most in our waiting room. However, during this “temporary normal” time, we are taking extra precautions to make sure that there is never more than one person at a time in the waiting room.

Office space allows distancing 

We have plenty of space to keep the recommended six feet distance between any two people in the office. We have even worked that out in the exam room.

Hormone Pellet Therapy patients

For my hormone pellet therapy patients, I will be seeing you without any other staff in the office. I have figured out a plan to keep us six feet apart until I’m actually doing the pellet insertion, during which time, even though I am feeling well and not having any symptoms, I will put on a mask just to make sure no droplets travel. And of course I’m wearing gloves during all of the short, quick few minutes procedure.

We will be in touch with you if this applies to you.

Office staff

My wonderful office manager – Joy – and my wonderful office assistant – Taylor – are going to stagger their hours to allow them to work from home as much as possible, and to avoid sharing any exposure to Covid-19 with each other to protect them and their families.

Office equipment

We will be increasing the wiping down of everything with our medical grade disinfectants that we have always had here. We’re simply using them more frequently now.


Compounding pharmacies will not run out of your prescriptions! I have personally been reaching out to the compounding pharmacies that we use. They are not going to close. They are not going to run out of their supplies. Their supply chains are not in jeopardy.

One pharmacy that I use with many of my patients called American integrative Pharmacy – they are already set up perfectly for this “temporary normal” situation we are in. They are not a walk-in pharmacy. They only do the free overnight shipping method of delivering all prescriptions, so this reduces any chances of contamination of the outside of packages.

(They are in the process of moving into a bigger new facility, but this will also not result in any expected interruptions.)

Lab work 

I’ve heard from some patients who are not comfortable right now walking into a lab. If you are due to get your lab work done for me for an upcoming consultation, there are two things I want to say about that.

#1 – what matters the most to our consultations is our talking to each other. The lab test results inform what we do together, but they do not determine what we decide or adjust with your program. What matters to me much more is how you are feeling, and I need to be up to date with you on that. Therefore, I request that you keep the appointments we have scheduled because I want to keep that guardrail (refer to metaphor above) intact with you. We can make adjustments to your program even if you’re choosing not to go to the lab right now. We will take this on a case by case basis.

#2 – Another option that I have is that I work with a lab that is excellent – it is called Access Labs. I have been either drawing blood myself here in the office, which I am continuing to do, or I can have a mobile phlebotomist come to you.


Our supplement store is up and running. We will do our best to make sure that the online store reflects when we have run out of something. The immune boosting combination that I’m recommending at the moment is the NK Stim, Ortho Biotic, and Mitocore. These are offered at this time at a 10% discount on each, or 15% off all three together.


For right now, don’t forget to BREATHE. (I have it written right in front of me, on my whiteboard to remind myself.)

Take care of your health.

We will get to the other side of this. The more that we all avoid interacting with each other physically, “physical distancing, social connecting”, the sooner we will get past the worst of this pandemic.

If you have any personal or medical questions, please email us at

I look forward to seeing you soon, virtually for now and again in person as soon as possible.

Thank you, and stay safe.

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