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Both Men and Women Need Testosterone

14/   April, 2017

In the working world, men have an advantage – testosterone. Not only do most men have 10 to 20 times as much testosterone as most women, it isn’t made in their adrenal glands, so their adrenals don’t get as wiped out by the same amount of stress.

In my book, I call testosterone “the confidence hormone”. This is true. And confidence helps a lot in the workplace.

I also now call it “the hormone of productivity”.

Testosterone is the hormone of productivity in both men and women.

Testosterone helps (a LOT) with:

  • Energy
  • Mental sharpness and focus
  • Libido – as in drive, motivation (not just sex)
  • Muscle building and metabolism
  • Calm mood and sense of well-being.

Side effects are not common and are usually easy to control, leaving women and men to experience the benefits.

I’ll go into a lot more detail about testosterone in my next book, “Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Hormones.”

For now, let me just leave you with knowing I am a BIG fan of testosterone:

  • For men: because of all the benefits listed above plus it’s good for your health (less cardiac disease and prostate cancer).
  • For women: because we also benefit from feeling great – energetic, mentally sharp, and confident, whether it’s with lovers, kids or co-workers.

Most people don’t understand how important testosterone is for women, including a lot of women.

Take 2 and a half minutes and watch the short video above by Dr. Thierry Hertoghe (a famous Belgian endocrinologist) and I’ll bet you will learn something new about the role of testosterone in women.

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