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A Tribute to Geraldine Ferraro for Women’s History Month

26/   February, 2019

The year was 1984. The place was San Francisco at the Moscone Convention Center for the Democratic National Convention. The excitement was palpable. History was about to be made. Walter Mondale, after interviewing several possible candidates, chose Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate in the 1984 presidential campaign.

Gerry, as she was known, made history by becoming the first woman on a major party ticket in a presidential election.

And I got to meet her!

Gerry did not have it easy as the child of Italian immigrants growing up in New York City. When she was only eight years old her father died, leaving her mom to raise her and her brother. In high school, not surprisingly, she was voted “most likely to succeed.” When she finished high school, her uncle said, “Why send her to college? She’s pretty. She’ll get married.” Her mother said, “No way. She’s getting a full education.”

Sexual Vs. Harassment

30/   November, 2017

There is a lot happening in our world today that makes me regularly shake my head in dismay. Today I write to you about a very emotional topic.

It is almost every day now that we hear about another prominent person fired or resigning from their job due to accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

(On a personal political note, I continue to be shocked and amazed how Trump himself remains untouched by this process. When will he “step down amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior”? But I digress.)

Power Does Not Corrupt…

27/   July, 2016

Lately all the craziness in the world has been getting me down. I’ve been spiritually struggling a little bit to do my job.

As soon as I sit down with a patient, I’m good. I get into my groove and I give everything I have in that period of time to help my patient feel their best.

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