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How Our Bodies Detoxify

21/   June, 2017

Last week we started answering the question, “Why Organic?”

While I am not hard-core about eating organic (at least not yet), I am aware every day in my work the large list of endocrine disruptors in our world nowadays. Eating organically grown and farmed food is one way to decrease the toxic load on our bodies.

This week I want to give you a very short summary of the areas of your body involved in the detox process.

It takes two to tango

12/   May, 2017

“Tango is the one place where we [women] let men think they are in charge…”

…said the wise tango instructor as she took the women to one side to teach us our moves, while her husband took the men to the other side to learn their leading steps.

Why I Don’t Take Insurance

02/   March, 2017

I recently read an article written by a doctor who no longer loves being a doctor.

His writing is OK but his story is a bit melodramatic.

He talks about how his love for being a doctor got a little battered and bruised during medical school and residency, and further tested when he went out into practice. However, he says he thinks the change happened after the onset of electronic medical records, which ushered in an era of all kinds of rules, regulations and “quality control” measures.

Hormone Therapy: Wrongly Convicted

07/   January, 2016

(Talk given at Toastmasters Club in Foster City, California)

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, You have the opportunity today to right a terrible wrong.

I am here today for only one purpose: to show you how hormone replacement therapy (or HRT, as it’s commonly known) came to be wrongly convicted of causing harm, so that you, thought leaders in our American society, can overturn this conviction, and help truth take its place.

Our story begins 14 years ago, when another trial began publishing its conclusions.

Do You Sleep Like a Teenager?

20/   November, 2015

My teenage boys can sleep and sleep. And sleep. I’m envious.

My friend’s teenage daughter was recently feeling sick, and literally slept it off. She slept all day, woke up to eat, then was able to continue sleeping! Bless her.

Or curse her. Depends on whether at this point you sleep well at night or not.

I’ve written about the importance of good sleep before (for weight loss, mental clarity, hormone balance) but today I want to expand on one point:

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