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Your Brain Can Fix “Dis-ease”

11/   September, 2015

Many of us already know that stressful thought can harm our bodies and our health.

What we haven’t fully wrapped our heads around yet is that the opposite is also true: as well as causing dis-ease, our thoughts can literally change the proteins made by our cells to fix problems in our bodies.

“Female Viagra”

11/   September, 2015

My 50+ Girlfriend: “The new “female Viagra” is going to be the answer!” [to her long-standing issue with low libido]

Me: “No, there’s no one single answer to this issue – it’s a problem with a lot of aspects.”

Her: “No! You’re wrong! This drug is going to fix this problem.”

HRT and Pancreatitis

19/   February, 2014

I read an article the other day and I have to say as a doctor I was outraged. The scary headline reads, “Hormone Replacement Therapy Associated with Increased Pancreatitis Risk”. It goes on to commit the 2 most common sins that make it impossible for you, the savvy health reader, to really be able to tell what the study actually found.

Dr. Liz on the Fast Metabolism Diet

18/   November, 2013

My interest in trying the Fast Metabolism Diet came from 2 things: first, several patients bringing it up to me, and second, many of my patients telling me they want to lose weight only using food. Up to now my biases have been these: due to my personality and my super busy life, I DO like meal replacements – shakes, bars, etc, and I DON’T like counting anything – calories, points, etc. Let me clarify that Haylie Pomroy does sell her own shakes and bars, and I will most likely try these at some point, but I was determined to not use them in order to really try to use only food and see how I felt.

Estrogen PREVENTS Breast Cancer?!?

03/   May, 2011


Data analysis from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Study, first reported in 2002, just keeps coming, even though the study results are not applicable to most women nowadays due to the women studied and the hormones that were used. The biggest finding that you never heard about was that the women only on estrogen (Premarin) had LESS BREAST CANCER!