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Sleep and your s*e*x life

16/   February, 2017

Sometimes doctors make me crazy.

A few years back, I got frustrated reading studies that came up with very obvious conclusions. I got annoyed enough to create an anonymous blog called “No Duh, Doctor!”

Although this blog is no longer active, I recently came across a study that qualified.

Health Benefits of S*e*x

13/   February, 2017

In addition to perpetuating the species, sex has quite a few health benefits.

  1. Sex protects our health. For both men and women, studies show that sexual activity has a protective effect on our health. In men, studies have shown a 50% decrease in the risk of cardiovascular mortality in men having frequent sex, as compared to the men in the study having the least frequency of sex. Studies also confirm similar findings in women, especially regarding orgasms.

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