“Just OK”? or “Great!”

10/   July, 2017

I hope your summer is going not just “OK”, but great! I cringe when a patient tells me their doctor said their lab results were “OK”, or that they are in “the normal range”. Has this happened to you?

This is super common when it comes to testosterone levels, both for men and women.

When men do not have a good testosterone level, they can feel tired, unmotivated (including lack of libido), grumpy, and have muscle weakness or weight gain. There isn’t much agreement about what is a “good” testosterone level for a man. Most of us in the functional or regenerative areas of medicine think a level of at least 600 is good. Often, higher is even better.

There is even less agreement about what is a good testosterone level for women, as it is rarely if ever checked by a regular doctor. Most lab ranges go up to about 45, but I have seen many women who feel their best with a level over 90.

When women don’t have enough testosterone, they can feel moody, insecure, unmotivated (including lack of libido), lack of muscle strength, and have unexplained weight gain.

Two years ago, I started using bioidentical hormone pellet therapy for my patients – testosterone for men, and estrogen/testosterone for women.

Also for the last 2 years, I have used hormone pellets for my own estrogen and testosterone therapy. Before then, I had never used testosterone. My experience with testosterone has been life-changing. I feel motivation, mental clarity, and a calm confidence when my levels are optimal.

When 4 months go by and it is time for my next set of pellets, I again start to fumble for the word I’m looking for or get a little tiny bit shorter temper with the people I care about. Luckily, it’s not a sudden drop-off at the 4 month mark (6 months for men getting testosterone pellet therapy). It’s just a change that I notice first, and feel better about 1-2 weeks after getting the pellets again.

I hope you can join me for a very special event next week, on Thursday July 20th. Dr. Briant Herzog is the medical Director of Hormone Therapy Centers of America (HTCA), the company I work with to offer hormone pellet therapy to my patients. Dr. Herzog is the person I turn to with challenging hormone balance questions, and I am delighted he is joining us here in Foster City. This event is filling up fast, so please email us at doctorlyster@gmail.com to reserve your seat or for any further information about this exciting event.

Please don’t tolerate being told your hormone levels are just “OK”. Go for “Great!”

Just like you want your life to be.

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Dr. Liz

Since 1990, Dr. Lyster has been helping patients with complex hormonal imbalances, metabolic conditions causing weight issues, thyroid dysfunction, and fatigue disorders. Through personal life experience, she has merged her medical training with alternative approaches to optimal health and well-being for men and women of all ages.

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