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Epigenetics and Your Family History

08/   May, 2018

I am 53 years young. My mom and dad are both alive and well. That makes me lucky.


As Mother’s Day and Father’s Day season approaches, I wanted to share with you some latest thinking about a topic most of us take for granted: the concept in medicine of “family history”.

If you have “good genes”, then that means you have longevity and low rates of illness among your family members. If you have “bad genes” you might not be so lucky with your own health.

Well, I have good news: epigenetics has arrived on the medical scene.

Vitamin D – the Sunshine Hormone

03/   April, 2018

Vitamin D is misnamed. It’s not a vitamin – it’s actually a hormone. It is literally shaped with the same basic steroid hormone frame that comes from cholesterol.

And unless you are a 20-year-old beach volleyball player, you’re probably not getting enough.

You’ve probably heard you get vitamin D from sunlight. What actually happens is that sunlight causes the skin to make the active form of this vitamin D.

However, this does not happen if your skin

  • Has sunscreen on it,
  • Is washed with soap,
  • Is “older”.

Women in Medicine – in honor of Women’s History Month

05/   March, 2018

Dr. Norah Gutrecht

My mom, Dr. Norah Gutrecht, is in the front row, 3rd from left, 1959


“Ungentlemanly behavior” has a long and colorful past.

The “Jeering Incident” occurred in 1869, a few years after the first woman was admitted to an American medical school by accident (more on this in a moment). A group of female medical students arrived at an all-male medical school to observe a clinical demonstration. The women were greeted with “yells, hisses, caterwauling, mock applause, offensive remarks on personal appearance, etc.”(1)

Most of the press coverage condemned this “ungentlemanly behavior”, but not all – one local newspaper published a letter to the editor, which asked, “Who is this shameless herd of sexless beings who dishonor the garb of ladies?”

In honor of Women’s History Month, I would like to share with you some learning about my professional foremothers in the U.S. and in my own family.

Healthy Sexuality For Your Good Health

29/   January, 2018

Healthy sexuality is not just a good idea; it’s actually good for your health.

In America alone, 40 million women experience sexual dysfunction. Problems can range from a low sexual desire to problems with arousal, to problems achieving orgasm. These problems can begin or worsen during and after perimenopause and menopause.

Medical illnesses, lack of sleep, and stress may be part of the problem. If sexual dysfunction is due to psychological issues then counseling can be very helpful. Also, treating underlying physical conditions – such as lack of vaginal estrogen – can often help. While depression can cause or worsen these symptoms, medications that treat depression can also cause or worsen this dysfunction (a classic case of the treatment making the situation worse!)

Now, besides the fact that sex perpetuates the species, good sex has quite a few health benefits, for both women and men:

The Major Hormones That Affect Your Weight

04/   January, 2018

It is beyond frustrating when you know you are eating right, exercising enough, and trying hard to manage your stress…and you STILL cannot achieve your weight loss goals.

What if 2018 can be a year of reaching (and even surpassing) your weight loss goals instead of another year of frustration?

Here’s a hint: if your hormones are out of balance (or not at optimal levels), you could be headed for failure instead of success.

Sexual Vs. Harassment

30/   November, 2017

There is a lot happening in our world today that makes me regularly shake my head in dismay. Today I write to you about a very emotional topic.

It is almost every day now that we hear about another prominent person fired or resigning from their job due to accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

(On a personal political note, I continue to be shocked and amazed how Trump himself remains untouched by this process. When will he “step down amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior”? But I digress.)

Spreading Justice

13/   October, 2017

Another incredible experience in Africa.

During our stay in Cape Town, we did a guided bicycle tour of a township called Masiphumelele (I pronounce it for you in the video!). Check out my Justice Doll, made by some of the women there to raise awareness of injustice against women and children.

I have shared a few photos of my trip (Masiphumelele and a couple from Table Mountain) below.

My scary/beautiful honeymoon moment

10/   October, 2017

I have just returned from my second magical trip to Africa.

This trip was special for many reasons, chief among them is that it was my honeymoon!

I got married in August to a wonderful man who is originally from Cape Town, South Africa.

On our 2-week trip to Cape Town, in addition to meeting his family and attending Jewish holiday services, we hiked Table Mountain (twice), toured the Robben Island prison where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 years (before being imprisoned for another 9 years), took a helicopter ride (my first!), saw penguins on the beach, and visited the Cape of Good Hope.

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